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June 14, 2021 

As you are, no doubt, aware, a press conference was held today by Premier Horgan and various cabinet ministers as well as Dr. Henry to announce the province’s move to Step Two of the Restart Plan. While there is a great deal for us to be excited and optimistic about for the days ahead for softball games and tournaments, we have been told to wait for the PHO order for Gathering and Events to be changed in order to have clarity on what those changes are and how they are to be applied.

viaSport’s website is the most up-to-date document for us to use as a reference point right now.

You may also want to view the Order itself, although we expect there will be a lag before this version is updated and the viaSport site will be closer to real time.

Once the PSO has received confirmation of the changes for Step Two I will distribute the information through email and we will post it on our website.

I know we all are anxious to move forward, to schedule games with other clubs, to rejoin your team which is in a different zone, and to prepare for tournaments. I can only tell you that as soon as the information is available, we will share it, and the viaSport website will be updated to verify those changes.

If you haven’t heard from your local facility owner, I suggest you get in touch with them to confirm what they will be looking for. Thank you to those of you who have sent me that information, the viaSport website will be the first one updated for sport criteria.

Rick Benson



May 28, 2021 

6:15 PM 

Dear sector leaders,

B.C.’s Restart is the province’s step-by-step plan to bring us back together. We have received clarification from the PHO around local travel, the number of participants allowed and safety plans. They have confirmed the following for Step 1 of the reopening of sport:

  • Local game play and practices: Staying local means playing within your home club until Step 2 is announced.
  • Maximum participants: Up to 50 participants are allowed for adult outdoor sport activities with no spectators. Children and youth outdoor sport activities have no maximum participants to accommodate the potential need for additional adult supervision. Spectators are not permitted at any sport gathering.
  • Safety plans: To simplify the process, adjust your current safety plans with Step 1 of B.C.’s Restart plan in mind.
  • Please remember: The intention of the Restart plan is to slowly return to activities. Organizations are asked to turn the dimmer slowly when planning sport programming.

We are in the early days of a very welcome to return to sport. As we expected, this is a step-by-step process and how quickly we move within the steps depends on rates of immunization, infection and hospitalizations in B.C. We are optimistic that a full return to sport is coming soon.

For more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to Jared, me, or
Charlene Krepiakevich
CEO, viaSport BC
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