About the Female Coach Mentorship  Program

Softball BC Female Mentorship Program Opportunity: January 2021-March 2021

The Softball BC Female Mentorship Program provides 15-18-year-old female athletes the opportunity to gain experience, confidence, and knowledge in coaching softball.

What is Softball BC’s responsibility?
1. Advertise the Female Mentorship Program via social media and email all associations.
2. Select 16 players from varying districts and notify the successful mentees.
3. Arrange and pay for the NCCP courses Mentorship and Coaching and Leading Effectively.
4. Mail each mentee a copy of the Softball Canada Timbits manual.
5. Set up 6 weeks of 1-hour mentorship meetings via zoom for the 16 mentees.
6. Follow up with the associations and find out who the association mentor(s) will be.
7. Follow up with the associations during the season to monitor the mentees and give support if needed.

What is the Associations responsibility?
1. Nominate 2 players in your association that you would consider to be mentees.
2. Ensure the application is filled out by the mentee and submitted by January 15, 2021.
3. Pair the mentees with a female mentor coach in your association during the 2021.
4. Keep in contact with Softball BC with updates on progression of the mentees.

What is the Mentees responsibility?
1. Attend all of the NCCP on-line Mentorship (5 hours) & Coaching and Leading Effectively (9 hours) courses.
2. Attend the subsequent Softball BC Mentoring session in the form of Zoom meetings.
3. Work with a female

DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION FORM HERE: Female Coach Mentorship Program- Application