Hello Victoria High-Performance Athletes, Parents, and Coaches!

Apr. 20, 2021

Hello Victoria High-Performance Athletes, Parents, and Coaches!
The Canadian Sport School program at PISE is now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year!
A critical program delivered across BC, Canadian Sport School, provides athletic and academic support for high school students balancing both educational and high-performance training demands. Canadian Sport School helps alleviate the pressures experienced by young athletes. It ensures that future Olympians, Paralympians, and National Team members have all the skills and resources needed to continue their development.
The school welcomes approximately 30 students each year from various sports backgrounds and schools in the Greater Victoria area (School Districts #61, 62 and 63 all participate). The student-athletes spend half of their day at their regular high school taking required academic courses and half of their day with the Canadian Sport School at PISE.
Student-Athlete Testimonials:
“All student-athletes and staff bring so much passion, determination and positivity to maximize everyone’s growth in the program. At every training session, all the athletes push everyone to their limit, and you can count on your CSS peers and coaches to cheer you on. This incredibly positive culture at Sports School continues into the academic side as well. Everyone at Sports School has different strengths, and students learn from one another so we can reach our full capabilities in both academics and sport.” ~ Katie Bentley, Field Hockey Athlete and Grade X Student at (School)
“The Canadian Sport School has made a tremendous impact on my development as an athlete and as a person. Learning the ins and outs of the High-Performance system from such an early age has made my transition into national team programming nearly seamless. I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to be exposed to and immersed in the elite environment fostered by the CSS program.” ~Sophie de Goede (Rugby Canada)
“The life skills & habits provided by Canadian Sport School are of even greater importance than the program’s significant athletic and academic benefits. My ability to communicate with coaches, staff, teammates and rivals all improved greatly, as did my capacity to defuse situations, give and receive constructive feedback, empower teammates, and “read the play” in both athletic and non-athletic environments. These skills have greatly improved my standing within the national and international Cycling community and can be largely credited to the Canadian Sport School.” ~ Riley Pickrell (Cycling Canada)
Applications are now open! The end date for applying is April 30th, 2021. For more information on the program and what is required for applying, please check out the Canadian Sport School website https://canadiansportschool.csipacific.ca/campuses/victoria/

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