Umpire Registration

March 18, 20201

Hello fellow blue!  We are excited to announce our Level 1 Certification training online!  Due to the ongoing Covid restrictions we are unable to meet in person but we will be able to meet remotely.  In order to be fully certified as a new umpire all 5 sessions must be completed.  Each session is an hour long and after session 1 is completed, sessions 2-5 can be completed in any order.  There will be a mechanics portion, in person, at a later date. We will be using Adobe Connect as our platform and it works best if hardwired to the internet.

Refresher clinics will be posted soon. 

Look forward to seeing you online! 

Yours in Blue, 

Susan Strafford, Provincial UIC 


CLICK HERE for Umpire Annual Registration 

Should you have any problems or require assistance please contact Haili at 

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