Rick Benson Announces Retirement

May. 03, 2021

May 3rd, 2021

To - Softball BC Members

From - Rick Benson, Executive Director


Dear Members,

I am sharing with you the news that I will be retiring from my position with Softball BC, as of December 31st of this year. I have met with the board, asked for, and they agreed, to a phasing out period, which will enable me to provide assistance to the new Executive Director through a transition period. I am extremely grateful to the board, and in particular, Graeme Duncan, for their understanding and willingness to accommodate my wishes in managing my move to retirement.

Effective immediately, I will be cutting back to a four day week, working Monday through Thursday. As of October 1st, I will reduce my work week further; to two days a week until the end of the year.

My fellow employees, who are aware of the plan, will help manage the work load, including taking on a few more tasks as I reduce my hours. I have every confidence in each of them to be able to maintain the standards we have set of providing service to all of you, and of course, I am still here, working on your behalf (even though it will be a day less).

We will be posting for the position in a couple of weeks, with the goal of having the new ED in place by September, and that individual taking part in the association’s AGM, which will be on October 23rd.

The Board and I wanted to make this public early, particularly as the Management Committee is committed to conducting an open, transparent, and in depth search for my replacement. Our Association deserves the very best candidate possible, that may take some time, and I am excited to see who will emerge as the new Executive Director.

I still have a number of months and a lot of projects to fulfill, and I look forward to continuing to work towards that goal with your assistance and support.

Yours truly,

Rick Benson, Executive Director

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