Important Rule Updates for 2022

Jul. 28, 2021

Revision to Article 7.2 PLAY AT HOME RULE


i) All U13 minor players, and younger, must register only with a team in a recognized association located within the boundaries of the District in which that player resides.

ii) A player is exempt from subsection i) of this section where:

1. There is no team in the player’s own District in the category and classification that the player intends to play on out of District; or

2. The player has received a written release - via a Tryout Activity Report - from any association within the player’s own District that has one or more teams in the category and classification at the level that the player intends to play out of District, indicating that the association does not object to the player playing out of District at that level.

The Minor Coordinator for the player’s home District and the District in which they wish to play will manage the exemption process and paperwork.

iii) All U13 and younger players on a 2021 SBBC official team registration form will have the option to stay in the District in which that team is registered, or to return to their home District in 2022 and in subsequent seasons. The player may stay in the District in which they are registered in 2021 in all subsequent years, including with a team at a different association within that other District at the same classification and category , but should they return to their home District at any point, should they wish to play in another District that is not their home District, or should they drop down to a lower classification, they would again be subject to the requirements of this section regarding playing out of District should they wish to do so. For purposes of this section a player’s home District is the address used for registration and at which they ordinarily reside.

iv) Should a player wish to stay out of their home District for a second or subsequent season, the player should present a signed redacted* copy of the roster from the previous year as evidence that they are permitted to continue to register in that other District. This redacted form can be obtained by the District Minor Coordinator of that district. v) Except in accordance with this section, with the exception of any post-season event which has been clearly and explicitly sanctioned by the Minor Director of Softball BC, players must not participate in any event on a team from outside the player’s District of residence.

i) Where it is established that a player who does not have a release as set out in subsection ii) of this section has attended a training session, game or practice with another team, or in any way works out with a team outside his/her District of residence, the player will be deemed ineligible to play out of his or her home District in the next playing season, and the team/association that allowed that player to work out with them will be deemed ineligible to accept any new out of District players in the next playing season. In addition, the player and the head coach and manager of any team accepting participation of a player that does not have a release as set out in subsection ii) may be subject to disciplinary measures, which may include suspension. Notwithstanding the foregoing, players are permitted to attend any type of skill building clinic that is organized by a third-party organization or association and does not have direct ties to a particular team. Any disciplinary action or ineligibility will be managed by the District Minor Coordinators as selected by the Minor Director to investigate.

* redacted means that all personal information about other players and coaches will be blacked out to protect their privacy.



As outlined in Article 7.5 m) CLASSIFICATION CHANGE of the 2021 Softball BC Handbook of the Constitution and Special Operating Rules it states:


The following year, a team containing six or more returning players from teams:

i) placing first in a Provincial Championship in the same category, the team must move up one classification. This must be approved by the District Coordinator.

ii) placing first, second or third in a Provincial Championship in same category, the team must move up one classification if playing in the same category. EXCEPTION: U19C.

iii) placing first or second in a Provincial Championship, the team must play in the same or higher classification if playing in the next higher category. EXCEPTION: U19C

With the age changes coming into effect for the 2022 season, Softball BC is putting a one-year moratorium on any team being required to move up a classification if they medal at Provincials as a first year team based on 2022 age categories. If a team chooses to move up, or if a coordinator reclassifies them, that would still be applicable, but not if a team medals.

Example, in 2021 a U14B team places first at the Provincial championship, they will not be expected to move to U15A in 2022. As a U14B team in 2021, they will become a U15B team in 2022 based on the age change.

Should you have any questions or require additional clarification please contact your District Minor Coordinator or the Softball BC office at


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