Men's & Women's Advisory Council

Men’s and Women’s  Advisory Council

Chair: Al Groff

Vice-Chair: Tracey Oye

Members-at-Large: Deb Tidy, Merv Sandrel, Barry Riva

Committee Members: All Men’s & Women’s District Coordinators


Terms of Reference Men’s and Women’s Advisory Council


  • Review existing special operating rules as they relate to Men’s and Women’s play and provide recommendations on change, addition or deletion of same
  • Provide guidance and direction on existing and new rules of play for Men’s and Women’s Fastpitch
  • Provide guidance and direction on format of Provincial Championships for Men’s and Women’s categories and classifications


  1. Chair - Elected Men’s and Women’s Director
  2. Softball BC staff support
  3. Elected Men’s and Women’s Coordinators
  4. Regional Representative - (4) Members at large, elected by a vote of registered Men’s and Women’s teams from the previous playing season. Each duly registered team to have one vote.

Jurisdiction - This is an advisory committee reporting only to the board of directors. This committee is not empowered to make any final and binding decisions, but to provide guidance and recommendations to the board for their consideration. This committee is not authorized to consider policies or by-laws for the society, or make recommendations for changes to those documents.

Resources and Budget - Softball BC will make available, where time and space permit, meeting areas for the committee. The committee may agree to conduct their meetings via conference call, in person, or by an electronic meeting format, such as Zoom, Go To Meeting or Skype. The BCASA will provide staff advisory resources, as well as photocopying, and printing as required.

Meetings may be called at the pleasure of the chair, or in their absence, the vice-chair. Members will confirm their attendance with the SBBC staff member appointed as liaison in order to ensure a quorum. There will be no fewer than two (2) meetings annually, but not more than four (4) including one at the Annual General Meeting and one in the month of February. An annual budget for meeting expenses shall be approved by the board for each fiscal year. Any additional financial resources requested will be approved by the finance committee prior to those funds being used.

Governance - Decisions will be made by a simple majority with the chair not having a vote unless the vote is tied. Members may communicate their vote by email, phone or in person. Proxys are not permitted. A quorum requires no less than 60% voting members present. The Softball BC staff support representative does not have a vote. A vice chair will be elected at the first meeting annually of the committee, from among the elected and appointed members, and serve a term of one year.

Privacy - All documents and minutes from meetings will be stored on the BCASA secure site. Staff support will provide all written communications arising from meetings to all members of the advisory council. Copies of all documents for the advisory council will be available to any voting member in good standing upon written request to the committee chair.

General - All members of the committee shall be members in good standing of the BCASA, and shall abide by BC Amateur Softball Association policies with respect to code of conduct, privacy and confidentiality.

Communication - The chair, or in their absence, the vice-chair shall report all recommendations from this committee at each scheduled BCASA Board of Director’s meeting. As well, the chair shall provide a written report to the membership as part of their director’s report for the AGM

Deliverables - The committee shall provide the board of directors with written recommendations for special operating rule changes, additions and deletions as they relate to senior situations. Whenever possible and reasonable, the committee shall include the current rule, the rationale for change, the desired outcome as well as consequences for non-compliance, potential risk and financial liability. The committee is encouraged to engage the membership in this discussion, as well as request information and assistance from other advisory councils within the organization.

Review - These terms of reference may be reviewed at the request of the committee chair, but must be done no later than once every twenty four months. The next review will be due in April, 2021.


Men’s and Women’s/ Umpire’s Advisory Council Motion Online Form

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