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November 5, 2021 

To: Softball BC Members 

From: Barry Petrachenko, Executive Director 

Subject: Clarification Regarding Supervisors under the Provincial Health Order

Following the most recent updates to the Provincial Health Order (PHO), we have received a number of inquiries regarding the requirement for Proof of Vaccination (POV) as it relates to Supervisors.  

The following information is provided as part of the clarification we have received from the provincial government by way of ViaSport:

Under the PHO, a Supervisor is defined as a person twelve years and older who is leading, supporting or assisting a youth sport (0-21 years) activity.   Within the latest adjustments to the PHO, all Supervisors of youth sport are required to provide POV unless the Supervisor is working as an employee.

The following clarifications should be noted as they relate to Supervisors who are Employees:

    1. The PHO does not set out the POV requirement for employees supervising youth sport as this is to be covered under any Employer/Employee agreement that is in place.  
    2. A volunteer who receives an honorarium to supervise or coach is not considered an employee.
    3. A facility, municipality or regional district may have requirements in place for all facility users which may supersede any Employee/Employer agreement.

The affect of the above for softball associations is that it is incumbent upon each association to clarify their requirements for POV for all employees who are serving as Supervisors for the delivery of youth sport activities.

I hope the above information will be helpful to your efforts to implement guidelines resulting from the most recent changes to the the PHO.  Please contact the Softball BC Office if you have any questions regarding this notice.

Barry Petrachenko 

Executive Director

Softball BC

604.371.0302 Ext: 6 |


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