CANpitch - Softball Canada’s National Pitching Program

What is CANpitch?

CANpitch was created to introduce and develop the fundamental skills of windmill pitching to Canada’s children and youth. CANpitch Instructors in each province teach a nationally standardized curriculum with specific drills that are founded in Long Term Player Development (LTPD) principles and reflect an athlete-centered approach to learning.

CANpitch programs in your area may run year-round or seasonal with group lessons often taking place once a week in 6-week blocks for an hour. In the future we hope all softball associations in Canada have CANpitch Instructors offering programs to anyone wanting to learn to pitch. To host a CANpitch Clinic or become an Instructor please read below to find out more.

Key Messages of CANpitch:

1. Anyone can learn to pitch.

2. Pitching is fun.

3. Weekly practice is the best way to learn.

4. CANpitch Instructors are trained and approved by Softball BC and Softball Canada.

5. Your feedback is important, be sure to fill out a parent or participant survey!

Interested in hosting a CANpitch Clinic?

To host a 6-week CANpitch Clinic contact the CANpitch Instructor in your area (see bleow) or the Softball BC office.

Softball BC is in the process of expanding our CANpitch program with promotional clinics held throughout our province. CANpitch Promotional Clinics require a minimum number of participants (at least 10 pitchers) and at least one local instructor interested in becoming a CANpitch Instructor. Clinics would be broken down into pitcher instruction (3hrs) and coach training (2hrs) on a weekend day. Fill out a clinic request form and contact Softball BC for more information.

How do you become a CANpitch Instructor?


1. Register and attend the NCCP Pitching Coach Beginner Workshop (Cost $150).

2. Fill out an application form from Softball BC and get a membership #.

3. Complete a Criminal Records Check and Vulnerable Sectors check and send result to Softball BC (they have a volunteer number so this is free to all SBC members).

4. Attend CANpitch Instructor Training (happens every November via conference call).

5. Complete bio, photo and contact information to be posted on the Softball BC website along with any clinic information you have for the year.

Benefits of becoming a CANpitch Instructor:

- Part of BC Pitching Instructor Network

- Eligible for insurance coverage under Softball BC policy

- Access to program resources nationally recognized

- Opportunity to develop resources and be part of bettering the game

- Advertising clinics on Softball BC website

Who are our recognized CANpitch Instructors?


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