All Softball Activities

until Further Notice

are Suspended


Updated: May 25, 2020

We would like to acknowledge that our Softball BC office is located on the traditional and unceded territories of the Katzie and Kwantlen First Nations.


May 1, 2020

Last night in a meeting of the Western Canadian Softball Association (WCSA) a vote was held and passed, on cancelling the 2020 Western Canadian Championships.

The committee decided they would keep the rotation that had been set for this year for 2021, meaning Softball BC will still be hosting the U14 boys and girls Western in 2021.

Any team that has submitted a Letter of Intent for a Western will be contacted next week to arrange for the return of the cheques submitted with the Letter.

Please see the press release for full details.

WCSA Covid-19 Press Release

April 22, 2020

Website Update Notification

Three new waivers/consent forms have been added to the Forms & Templates page of our website.  Please visit to download the new forms.

April 16, 2020


To: All Members of Softball BC

In order to try and keep everyone up-to-date on Softball BC’s actions and position as we all do our part in the fight against the pandemic, this is an update on the provincial organization’s steps.


– Softball BC will not extend sanctions for softball related activities, including games, practices, try-outs, clinics, camps, fundraising or face to face meetings, to name a few. By not extending sanctions, we strongly encourage everyone to obey the rules of the BC Health Authority, and follow all physical distancing protocols in place.


– The board and members of Softball BC are not prepared to cancel the 2020 season at this point. We are working with hosts and in turn, local government to consider the feasibility of moving dates for these events later in the year. This will continue to be a work in progress as the province moves through steps necessary to keep us all safe. Softball BC will, at all times, follow the provincial guidelines and rules in place.


– Softball Canada is in constant contact with the hosts of Canadian Championships and the Western Softball Association is doing the same. They are monitoring progress and evaluating different scenarios for these championships to take place. We are maintaining our dates for team Letters of Intent to attend their appropriate championships. Letters of Intent are due from Minor teams by May 15th and from Men’s & Women’s teams by June 1st. Your LOI should be mailed to the Softball BC office if you are intending AT THIS TIME, to participate. I want to assure everyone there will be follow up and confirmations should any of these championships take place before we commit to sending teams.


– We are putting together task forces to create return to play plans should the rules for gatherings relax to the stage where we could resume play. Volunteers have been requested to serve on these committees to help us create a sustainable and safe environment for youth and adults to be able to play some softball this year.


– All clubs in BC collect Softball BC fees from the participants on our behalf. It is part of the annual registration fees each person pays to their club. The dates for clubs to register active participants in softball activities has been delayed indefinitely until such time as we have some certainty for a return to play or we move to preparations for the 2021 playing season.


– Provincial government community gaming grant program is accepting applications from all registered, not for profit sport clubs as normal. Softball BC, as well, is advocating through a variety of resources, for our clubs who may face financial hardships to receive additional public funding. We also encourage clubs to follow the ViaSport sport club grant website for opportunities to access other forms of funding

The board and volunteers of Softball BC are committed to our players, coaches, umpires and administrators returning to play softball when our government and sport leaders have said we are safe to do so. We remain cautiously optimistic that this can still happen this year, and so we will work to have plans in place that will allow this to happen while protecting our members and the public, to the best of our ability.


Rick Benson, Executive Director, Softball BC

March 27, 2020

Just a reminder that the Softball BC Office is closed until further notice.  We ask that you do not try to the visit the office but instead email the staff member who you wish to contact as we are all working remotely until the office re-opens.

  • Lesley Rowe, Member Benefits & Marking/Communications –
  • Haili Pettifer, Administrative Assistant (including Player and Umpire Registration) –
  • Mike Smith, Technical Coordinator –
  • Jackie Desilets –
  • Jennifer He, Accounting –
  • Rick Benson, Executive Director –

Umpire Clinics Available Online

Online Training 03-2020

The health, safety and connection we aspire to carry on with our Softball BC Umpires is very important. Softball BC would like to share with you that we will be accommodating Umpires to continue with your certifications by attending an Online Umpire Clinic!

These clinics are available to all Umpires that have already registered for an upcoming Clinic that have been postponed. Please note some of the Clinics that will be available and are listed below have two different parts meaning two separate online sessions. Also, keep in mind if you have selected the option to have your association pay for your Umpire Fees and have not yet received confirmation to contact your club.

Not only are Online Clinics available for those that have already registered, but for new Umpires that wish to take an Online Clinic as well. If you wish to share this information please guide them to our Website to register online

For more information please visit:

2020 BC Summer Games Cancelled

Statement from Softball Provincial Advisor Ann Holmes: Provincial Advisor notification 03-2020

March 25, 2020

The BC Games Society, with the support of the Province of BC and the City of Maple Ridge, has made the difficult decision to cancel the Maple Ridge 2020 BC Summer Games.

Cancelling the Games was determined to be the most responsible precautionary measure to address concerns around the spread of COVID-19 and is supported by the Maple Ridge 2020 BC Summer Games Host Society. With up to 3,700 athletes, coaches, and officials anticipated to arrive in Maple Ridge for the BC Summer Games, necessary steps had to be taken to ensure the health and safety of the community and participants.

During this rapidly changing situation with COVID-19, the BC Games Society will continue to update you on plans going forward. We value our participants, host communities, and sport partners, and appreciate your patience as we do our part to support all of the unprecedented steps taking place to slow the spread of COVID-19.

We remain exceptionally grateful for your support and want to recognize how vital your work is to the success of the Games.

The full news release can be found on our website at

Alison Noble
President and CEO
BC Games Society

NAIG 2020 Postpones July Games

Read the full statement:  Corona Virus Media Release_Postponement_ANNOUNCMEENT

March 23, 2020

Update from Sport Canada on COVID-19 – CLICK HERE

March 18, 2020

A message from Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, responsible for Sport, Lisa Beare


Suspension of Softball Activities

Here is a summary of the details in place related to the suspension of softball activities announced Monday, March 16, 2020.
The decision by the board of Softball BC to suspend all sanctioned softball activities was triggered yesterday by the following announcements
– Government of Canada partial closing of our borders,
– Government of BC issuing a new directive to limit gatherings of people to no more than 50
– Softball Canada issuing a suspension of activities until April 14th

The Softball BC Board of Directors approved the contingency plan to suspend sanctioned softball activities until May 1st with a further understanding that the provincial organization will continue to closely monitor provincial, federal and global health authority directives which would impact our membership, as well as sport governing bodies, including Softball Canada for further directives and recommendations. We will update the membership and make appropriate adjustments to the period of suspended activities, based on these expert authorities.

Softball BC will provide direction to our members no later than April 21st on next steps and timing for either the start of the season, or a further suspension of activities. The board has recommended we implement plans for season start dates later than May 1st, to allow for a meaningful regular season and post season play. We will continue to update the membership as these timelines approach.
For clarity, suspension of softball activities means Softball BC does not sanction any organized activities, including meetings, events, practices, fundraisers, games or tournaments. Events would include softball clinics and camps, such as coaching or umpire clinics, player development or spring break camps. By removing sanctions, we will not cover any of these activities under our liability or personal injury policies until such time as we resume organized softball. This applies to all members, clubs and leagues.
For team registration purposes, minor “A” teams will be given a fifteen (15) day extension until May 15th to complete upload of their team registration to the Softball BC database. Minor “B” and “C” teams will still have their team roster registrations due to Softball BC by June 1st. Minor Coordinators will be asked to complete approval of those rosters by June 1st for “A” teams and June 15th for “B” and “C” teams as well as all U10 and younger.
Men’s and Women’s team registration dates will remain as is, with June 15th the timeline for all team rosters to be completed and June 30th for Men’s and Women’s coordinators to complete approvals.
Letters of Intent for all teams wishing to participate in post season championships will be extended to May 15th for minor teams and remain as June 1st for Men’s and Women’s teams. This timeline is when the completed letter of intent with all applicable bonds in the form of cheques will be due at the Softball BC office.
Coaching clinics are suspended temporarily. Should a coach not have the necessary training to be certified to coach at a Provincial Championship due to clinics being suspended, they may apply for an exemption. In order to be considered for an exemption, they must have a minimum of FOCS Part 1 for Community or “C” classification coaches and FOCS Part 1 and Part 2 for coaches in the competitive stream or “A/B” classification. Coaches with Competition Introduction weekend one and MED would be considered to have attained minimum certification.
While face to face umpire clinics have been suspended, we are working out a training/refresher on-line module which umpires can sign on for and receive their training at Level One for new umpires and Level 1/2 and Senior level refresher modules for returning umpires. Materials for new umpires would be distributed through their district or their instructor at a later date.
At this time the date and location for all Provincial and Regional Championships is not changing, we encourage hosts and teams to continue to plan as appropriate for these championships.
Canadian and Western Canadian Championship dates and locations are still in place; again, we encourage all teams to continue as they feel appropriate to plan for these post season championships.
BC Summer Games and Team BC for Canada Summer Games activities for softball have been suspended until May 1st at this point. BC Summer Games have not announced any change to the plans for this multi-sport event.


The Softball BC office will remain open as long as the Walnut Grove Community Centre continues to offer day camps and child care. Should the community centre close we will update the membership on our next steps. For now though Softball BC Staff are available during regular hours (Monday-Friday 830-430) and via phone and email.

We want to reinforce that Softball BC has announced a suspension of activities, not a cancellation. We want leagues, clubs and members to continue to plan for, perhaps a shortened season for many, but to continue to be optimistic that the measures being put in place by our health authorities and governments will result in a flattening of the curve of infections and illnesses. We all want to be able to resume the activities which bring so much joy and healthy participation to our membership throughout the province.
Yours truly,
Rick Benson, Executive Director
Softball BC

March 16, 2020

To: All Members of Softball B.C.


Dear Softball BC Member

The pandemic all Canadians are dealing with continues to be a fluid situation, with changes and updates coming hourly. Softball Canada has just announced they are suspending all related activities until April 14th.

With the new guidelines in place, both from our national sport body and those introduced by the federal government, we are suspending, immediately, all softball related activities until May 1st, 2020.

Our board is committed to ensuring we provide thoughtful and appropriate actions to protect our members, and we had stated previously that we would follow the directives and guidelines of health authorities and sport governing bodies. In order to remain consistent to that commitment, we are today taking this next step to do our part in helping reduce the possible spread of the virus. We will continue to monitor all agencies and governing bodies, should the guidelines change prior to May 1st, we will reassess our position.

Should you have any questions, or require more information, please direct your inquiry to me at or 604 371- 0302 ext. 6.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation throughout this crisis.
Yours truly,
Rick Benson, Executive Director,

This is posted at the request and approval of the Board of Directors, and includes all meetings, events, practices, games, tournaments, clinics – any and all softball related activities. 

MEMORANDUM- COVID-19 as of March 13, 2020 at 4:00 PM

The following plan is provided as a guide to assist members and staff in ensuring appropriate safety protocols are followed with respect to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Currently Softball BC has, with the assistance and guidance of Softball Canada and BC health authorities, taken the following steps:

  • Guidelines and education on ways to minimize your risk of becoming infected or of passing the virus to others
  • Hygiene standards to be followed when conducting clinics or meetings
  • Suspension of travel to the USA under Softball BC sanction
  • Cancellation of gatherings of 250 people or more, including indoor and outdoor softball activities, conferences, meetings, or other similar events. Events which would fall under this restriction include any tournament hosting at least 12 teams in one park over a weekend. It is reasonable to assume 250 people would gather at one time in that scenario. It also includes any Opening Day plans for associations with a membership of 100 or more athletes, where, again, it would be reasonable to assume 250 people would gather at some point in one venue.

The Softball BC board and staff are reviewing and preparing contingency plans for upcoming Softball BC activities through the season, including coach and umpire clinics, Team BC programmes, and sanctioned events such as tournaments and regular season play. We are considering a variety of options with the health and personal safety of the softball community being our overriding consideration.   I’m sure you will agree these are unsettling times that require leadership and flexibility in order to navigate our way.

We will continue to update the Softball BC community membership on any changes as they arise. With the season ready to start very soon in greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island, and Icebreaker tournaments scheduled, we are creating a contingency plan should any of those events be cancelled. Softball associations and teams should be aware of this, as we recognize there are financial implications for host and teams for the tournaments.

For more information:
The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control provides updates and helpful information on their website.
Guidance on mass gatherings
Common questions about COVID-19 from Healthlink BC
Recommendations on protecting yourself and your community.
COVID-19 pandemic preparedness and planning materials


Rick Benson, Executive Director


Are you new to Softball BC?  Do you need to purchase a Softball BC Membership Number for your child?  Please CLICK HERE to visit the online store.


2020 Softball BC Provincial Championships

U12A Girls: Coquitlam July 17-19
U12B Girls: Richmond July 10-12
U12C Regional Championships: TBA

U14A Girls: Not yet awarded
U14B Girls: Delta July 10-12
U14C Girls: Parksville July 3-5

U16A Girls: Victoria July 17-19
U16B Girls: Alberni Valley July 10-12
U16C Girls: Kelowna July 10-12

U19A Women: Richmond July 24-26
U19B Women: Abbotsford July 10-12
U19C Women: Enderby July 3-5

U12, U14, U16 and U19 Boys: Williams Lake July 3-5

Intermediate A Women: Richmond July 17-19
Women A: Richmond July 24-26
Women B: Richmond July 17-19
Women C: Victoria August 7-9
Women D: Victoria August 7-9

Softball BC is pleased to announce that Phil Ransome (Barriere, BC) has been selected as the Head Coach for the Indigenous Boys Team for the 2020 BC Summer Games.

Through partnership with the BC Games and Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council Softball BC is proud to bring opportunities for Indigenous (First Nations, Metis, and Inuit) participation, inclusive of athletes, coaches and officials, to the 2020 BC Summer Games. We are committed to supporting and fostering positive experiences in sport for Indigenous participants through Softball and the Games. Experience gained at these Games will assist participants as they move onto compete at the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) and/or the Canada Summer Games.

The team will be made up of players from around the Province and they will represent Zone 1 (Kootenays) at the Games.


Building for the Future: A Conversation for Sports Administrators and Volunteer

About this Event

  • Join Softball BC for this one day conference as we discuss topics relevant to the Local Sports Association (LSO). Topics will include Risk Management, Policies and Procedures, Safe Sport and Recruiting Volunteers to your Boards.



  • Do you want to take your game to the next level?
  • How about learning from some of the best officials in our game?
  • Does having instructors directly from the Softball Canada Officials Development Committee peak your interest?
  • Instructors that have worked World Championships and Olympic Qualifiers?

Softball BC is hosting a Softball Canada National Umpire School February 22nd & 23rd, 2020 at Steveston London Secondary School. Registration is $50.00 per official and will include lunch for both days and a t-shirt. Please register online by February 7th, 2020, at the link provided. Payment is by credit card only and cannot be paid by your association as it is a separate event. Your attendance at the National Umpire School will count towards your clinic for the year but you will still have to register with Softball BC for your annual membership fees.

The National Umpire School is an in-depth mechanics focused clinic that will be tailored for all umpires, all levels and structured around your experience. Expect to get lots of practical hands on instruction.  We hope to see you there!

Rule Change Summary: Softball BC 2020

Read more about the Special Operating Rule Changes Going into Effect for the 2020 Playing Season

2020 Provincial Championship Dates

The Dates and Locations for the 2020 Provincial Championships will be announced no later than January 31, 2020!

Watch our website and social media for all updates.


Softball BC is looking for participants on the ‘Competition Review Committee’ chaired by Ian Kellow.

The purpose of this committee is to analyze the competition structure in place for youth and adult softball, provide meaningful competition for all stages of softball, review rules of competition currently in place for youth and adult softball, and make recommendations on change as necessary.  The committee will review the calendar of competition to ensure it supports the long term athlete development framework.

Any interested individuals are asked to send their expression of interest by email to Rick Benson at by Monday September 30, 2019.  The expression of interest should include your name, email, phone number, mailing address, bullet form history in softball or related activities, and the reason(s) for applying.

All submissions will be considered by a three person panel made up of members of the Softball BC Board of Directors and those applicants chosen will be contacted by Softball BC.

Thank you to everyone who applies, your interest in promoting and developing softball in British Columbia is greatly appreciated.

Terms of Reference Competition Review Committee 07-2019

Canadian and Western Canadian Championships 2019

The U14 Boys and U16 Boys from BC both finished in 5th place at their respective Canadian Championships. The U14 team from Terrace and the U16 team from Barriere attended the Canadian Championships in Saskatoon, SK in late July.  Congratulations to both teams for representing BC very well!

The U19B Ladies Western Canadian Championship was won by BC1 – Richmond Islanders 00 and the South Delta Invaders 01 brought home the Bronze Medal!  Congratulations to both teams!

In the U16B Girls Western Canadian Championship the Prince George Thunderbirds brought home a Silver medal and the Nanaimo Diamonds finished in 6th place.  Well done ladies!

Coming up next:

  • Canadian Championships:  CLICK HERE for dates and locations
  • Western Canadian Championships: CLICK HERE for dates and locations

Meet our official partner, TeamSnap!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with TeamSnap as the Official Team and LSO Management App of Softball BC.

With 20 million users and counting, TeamSnap delivers the platform Softball BC and your LSO can’t live without. The app is already in the pocket of all your coaches and parents, as more teams use TeamSnap than any other management platform worldwide.

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Visit the TeamSnap Softball BC partner page to learn more and to contact your dedicated TeamSnap account specialist, Meg Sterzer.

 viaSport Report Card Summary

See how Softball BC compares to the Provincial Sport Sector in our Summary of viaSport Report Card.

Report Card Summary 2019


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Softball BC is the official governing body of softball
in the province of British Columbia.
The provincial office is located in Langley, BC. Provincial championships,
National Coaching Certification Programs (NCCP), officials training,
and player development clinics (Learn to Play and CANPitch) are held throughout BC.

  • Who We Are

    • Staff:  5 (2 FT/3 PT)
    • Board of Directors: 8 (volunteers) 
    • District Representatives: 45 (volunteers)
  • Strategic Priority Areas

    • Our MEMBERS
    • Our PARTNERS
  • Softball BC Programs

    • CANpitch
    • CANhit (pilot program)
    • Team BC
    • BC Summer Games
    • NCCP Certification Clinics
    • Umpire Certification Clinics
    • Timbits Softball
  • Mission, Vision, Values

    Mission: Softball for Everyone

    Vision: To govern, lead and develop the sport of Softball in British Columbia

    Values: Softball BC seeks to build a fun, fair and safe environment for all participants to enjoy the game at any level

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